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We are a small friendly group who write in all genres. We meet at Wombourne library on the first Wednesday each month at 7.15pm. First meeting is free, afterwards membership is £1 per month.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Welcome to the new home on the web for Wombourne writers. News this month;
Next months meeting will take place at Wombourne library on Wednesday 2nd February at 7.15.
Exercise for this month is to write up to 500 words of prose on the title 'Conspiracy', either as a short story or the opening of a novel in the style of a suspense or thriller.
Also taking place in February: An evening with Dr Bob Bibby, celebrated walker and writer, author of 'Special Offa. Gray Paes and Bacon and Dancing with Sabrina', who will be talking about his work. Meet at Wombourne library on Wednesday 23rd February at 7.30 £1 on the door - open meeting visitors welcome!Visit his website here!
Contest news:Free to enter contest win £1000

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  1. I have sent a sheet of tickets for the Bob Bibby evening, for sale prior to the event, to all members on e. mail. If you have not received these tickets , please contact me on:-enewton@ricsonline.org